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I am George and I welcome you to my blog dietuni.com!

I just became 30 years old and let me tell you how I feel about it. I feel like I am 18 years old. The reason for this is that I have spent the last seven years studying and experimenting with what I consider to be the “perfect healthy lifestyle”. A lifestyle consisted of a healthy diet, a natural bodybuilding plan and the appropriate sleep and recovery habits.

Many people see the passion that drives me and ask me why I am so obsessed with living a healthy life? Well, let me tell you why. The reason is because I have spent the first 23 years of my life living the opposite way. Of course the results were a real disaster for my body, my social life and my psychology.

My journey – How I lost 121 pounds, or half of my body!

Before seven years, due to extremely unhealthy bad habits, I came to a point where I weighed 275 pounds (125 kg), with a height of 5’7’’ (1,70 m). The normal weight for a man 23 years old was 155 pounds (70kg), so I had to lose the astronomical amount of 121 pounds (55 kg) just to be “normal” and healthy. Yes you read it right; I had to lose half of my body!

I managed to lose all that weight and then I took my journey to a whole new level by experimenting with anaerobic exercise, specifically natural bodybuilding. The result was gaining muscle mass, self-confidence and unlimited positive physical and psychological energy!

The most important part of that experience is the knowledge I gained that ultimately helped me sustain for the past seven years a healthy physical and psychological condition.

You can read a detailed post about my journey here: http://dietuni.com/diet/nutrition-and-exercise-for-absolute-beginners

So why start a blog about diet, exercise and health? – My vision for you

There are so many people that have right now the same problems that I had seven years ago and are impressed by what I have achieved. Every time I tell someone with such problems about my story I can sense the feeling of inspiration it overwhelms him. At the same time I can feel the pain and depression he feels because of his condition just like I was back then before I started my journey.

My vision is to help everyone improve their lives. To help you transform your life the same way I did. To stop trying and fail all the time with methods that don’t work, to stop losing your time, stop feeling useless, depressed and unsatisfied with results.

My dream is to show you a path where you can be healthy, happy, and full of energy all the time. Where you are finally able to love yourself, your body and your life. A method to live a long, natural and happy life.


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