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Published on June 7th, 2013 | by George Conte


An example of a 1200 calorie diet plan

This is a 1200 calorie diet plan you can use immediately in order to lose weight, sustain muscle mass or just as a healthy nutritional plan. I will give you detailed information about what each meal contains in calories, macronutrients like the protein, carb and fat contained and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

I will also do a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) analysis on everything mentioned above in order to prove that this is a balanced and healthy diet plan.

Who can use this diet plan?

This 1200 calorie diet can be used by:

  1. People that need to lose weight very fast. This is achievable if your total daily energy needs (TDEE) are at least 2300 calories per day. You can find how to calculate your TDEE here. You can also use some of the TDEE calculators discussed in this article (the is good for this purpose). The reason for that is that if you burn 1100 calories per day (2300-1200= 1100 calories) you will lose at least 4kg (about 10 pounds) of fat per month. This is considered to be the fastest acceptable healthy rate of weight loss for most people.
  2. People that need to lose weight with a slower rate with less restrictions and stress. For example people that want to lose about one pound per week (0,45 kg) need to have a TDEE of 1700 calories per day. If you have such a TDEE you will burn 1700-1200= 500 calories per day or 1 pound of fat per week.
  3. Athletic people that are doing or anaerobic exercise like weight lifting (bodybuilding) and are on a cutting cycle. This diet plan is perfect for them because I will use enough amounts of protein (great for sustaining muscle muss) in order to increase satiation and control hunger in a better way.
  4. Finally this is an appropriate diet plan for people on maintenance that have a low TDEE (around 1200 calories) that just want to eat healthy for a better quality of life with less diseases and health issues.

Detailed 1200 calorie diet – Meals

Since this is a diet plan very low on calories you will only eat 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in order to feel that you are satiated and that you are actually eating significant amounts of food in each meal.

Meal 1 – Breakfast with omelet, frozen yogurt and fruits (apple or similar)

For the omelet use one whole egg and 3 egg whites to avoid high amounts of cholesterol and fat.

omelete with 1 whole egg and 3 egg whitesImage by Arteirices da Nany/Elaine Bello via Flickr

frozen yogurt with fruitsImage by stu_spivack via Flickr


Egg, whole, raw, 1 medium, nutritional value:

Egg, whole, raw 1 medium nutritional value

Egg, white only, raw 3 eggs nutritional value:

Egg, white only, raw 3 eggs nutritional value

Yogurt, frozen, low fat milk 8 oz (1 cup – 245 grams) nutritional value:

Yogurt, frozen, lowfat milk 8 oz (1 cup - 245 grams) nutritional value

Apple, raw 1 medium (about 150 grams) nutritional value:

Apple, raw 1 medium (about 150 grams) nutritional value


Meal 2- Lunch with chicken breast and brown rice

 chicken breast without skin with brown riceImage by mrkalolo via flickr


Chicken, breast, skin not eaten 100 grams nutritional value:

Chicken, breast, skin not eaten 100 grams nutritional value

Rice, brown, long-grain, raw 50 grams nutritional value:

 Rice, brown, long-grain, raw 50 grams nutritional value

Meal 3 – Dinner with Tuna, salad, broccoli and olive oil

You can cook or fry 150 grams of fresh, raw Tuna, even add it into the salad mentioned below! Along with tuna, you can eat a green leafy salad with your favorite low calorie vegetables like tomatoes, onions, cabbage, lettuce etc. Don’t forget to add broccoli and olive oil:

tuna raw freshImage by pacificbro via flickr

mixed greens and broccoli saladImage by Gudlyf via Flicr


Tuna, fresh, raw (150 grams) nutritional value:

Tuna, fresh, raw 150 grams nutritional value

Mixed salad greens raw (3 cups) nutritional value:

Mixed salad greens, raw 3 cups nutritional value

Broccoli, raw 2 cups nutritional facts:

Broccoli, raw 2 cups nutritional value

Olive oil (1.5 tablespoon) nutritional facts:

Olive oil 1.5 tablespoon nutritional facts


Macronutrient intake analysis

As you can see below this is a fairly balanced and healthy diet, perfect for weight loss with a total of only 1200 calories.

  • We have 428 calories from protein sources or 35% of our total diet making this plan ideal for athletes on a cuting cycle or people that want to lose fat quickly without losing any muscle mass.
  • We have 461 calories coming from carbs or 38% of our total intake.
  • Finally the rest 26% of macronutrients come from healthy fats (mainly monoansaturated) with a total of 317 calories.

1200 calorie diet macronutrients and calories table

Recommended daily allowance and Adequate Intake analysis

With a low calorie diet like this one it is very hard to fulfill most of our daily macronutrient and micronutrient recommended daily allowance (RDA) and adequate intakes (AI). Still as you can see bellow we have adequate intakes on most nutrients. If you feel you need higher amounts of some nutrients you can supplement your diet with this great multivitamin here.

1200 calorie diet Recommended daily allowance and Adequate Intake analysis

Final thoughts

I hoped you will enjoy this diet plan, use it to benefit your life and health right now. If you want to check other diet plans with different calorie amounts check this 2000 calorie diet plan here and stay tuned for more to come.

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