Diet atkins the ultimate low carb high protein diet phase 4 lifelong maintenance

Published on March 13th, 2013 | by George Conte


Atkins diet phase 4: Lifelong Maintenance

This is the fifth article of the Atkins diet series.

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At this stage you have now reached the weight target that you have set. All you need to do is follow the principles of Atkins for the rest of your life. Lifelong Maintenance is the fourth and last phase of the Atkins nutritional approach. At this phase the person should be committed towards himself that he will maintain his ideal weight from now on.

When should you start the process of Lifelong Maintenance

This step can be started after you have completed the pre-maintenance phase and you have reached your desired weight. In case someone has not completed the third phase it is not recommended to start with the fourth phase. The pre-maintenance is the phase where you find out about your personal ACE, which is highly important as it helps you follow a proper nutrition and avoid deviating from your objective of maintaining a lifelong ideal weigh level.

Net Carbs in Fourth Phase: maintaining the ACE

At this stage, our aim is to maintain the carbohydrate balance we observed from the phase of pre-maintenance. The carbohydrate balance is unique to each person, and you should not deviate from it. While you maintain this level, you will acquire greater confidence and the belief that your weight will fluctuate at the same level within a range of 1-1.5 kg (2-3 pounds), which is the normal change of weight.

List of acceptable foods in Fourth Phase

At this stage you continue to consume several lean proteins, (any kind you prefer), such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish and a variety of vegetable proteins. Also you continue to consume good fat, such as avocado, olive oil, etc. Those who are in this phase can enjoy a wide variety of “good” carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, nuts and whole grains. You should avoid “bad” fats and processed foods made from white flour and sugar, with little or no fiber.

 Note that those who are in this phase should put some effort to remain up to 2.5 kg (5 pounds) over weight, above their desired ideal weight level. In case anyone adds more than 2.5 kg, he should return to the previous stage for one or two weeks in order to lose that weight.

Fundamentals of the Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is consisted of four phases: Introduction, Continued Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Lifelong Maintenance. Key factor is initially the minimum carbohydrate intake and then controlled. The Atkins diet allows unlimited consumption of protein (preferably lean) and fats (preferably unsaturated). Also, the Atkins diet supports that it converts the body into a fat burning engine and this leads to lose weight quickly.

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