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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by George Conte


Best sources of protein

This article is going to be the first from a series of articles where I will explore one of the most important aspects of a healthy diet: the best sources of each type of macronutrient. The first article will cover the best sources of protein, at the second I will write about carbohydrates and the third article will be all about healthy fat sources.

Here are the best natural sources of protein:

Eggs (whites)

egg whites

Probably the best source of protein you can find in nature. You can easily eat as many egg whites as you want since they contain no fat or cholesterol.

Egg white, raw, (1 big egg) nutritional value:

egg whites nutritional value


 salmon baked

With fish you aren’t only consuming high quality protein but also healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids. One of my favorite types of fish is salmon.

The nutritional value of raw salmon (per 100 grams) is:

salmon nutritional value



My second favorite type of fish is tuna. Tuna has similar properties with salmon and it is really tasty!

The nutritional value of fresh raw tuna per 100 grams is:

tuna nutritional vaue

Lean chicken breast

 Lean chicken breast

Lean chicken breast is my personal favorite source of protein. It is tasty, easy to cook and can be used almost with every other food combination you can think of. Also it contains close to zero fat making it an ideal solution for weight loss.

The nutritional value of raw lean chicken breast (per 100 grams) is:

lean chicken breast nutritional value

Lean turkey breast

 lean turkey breast

Turkey breasts have similar properties with chicken and many people enjoy the taste even more. It is a good alternative to chicken.

The raw turkey lean breast nutritional value (per 100 gram) is:

 turkey lean breast nutritional value

Beef jerky

 beef jerky

Beef jerky contains huge amounts of high in biological value protein. It is easy to store and you can eat it when you are away from home, it is also considered good exercise for your teeth :)

The nutritional value of beef jerky (per 100 grams) is:

 beef jerky nutritional value

Low fat (2%) yogurt


Low fat yogurt is the healthiest form of all dairy products. Even people that are lactose intolerant can enjoy it. It is healthy, tasty and you can eat it alone or with many other food combinations. You can take it with you to work and it is low in calories and fat. It is pretty much a balanced food by itself. Also don’t forget that besides protein, it is a great source of calcium.

The nutritional value of low fat yogurt (per 100 gram) is:

yogurt low fat nutritional value



Walnuts are truly a super food. They contain every possible macronutrient (along with protein) in high amounts and most micronutrients and fiber and omega-3 fatty acids! I was thinking in what category to add it and my final decision is to include it in all three categories!

The nutritional value of walnuts (per 100 grams) is:

walnuts nutritional value

Some final thoughts

If you base your nutrition on the sources just mentioned in combination with the other carbohydrate and fat sources (covered in future articles) you are going to end up with hundreds of healthy meals appropriate for weight loss, maintenance, exercise and overall health and well being.

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    the duration from when the meal had been prepared also alters the diet quality

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