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Published on May 19th, 2013 | by George Conte


Diet coke caffeine and insomnia problems

All my life I used to drink coca cola. It was my all-time favorite drink and also one of the reasons why I had obesity issues. The early versions of light coca cola were disgusting for my taste so I completely stopped drinking it when I adopted new healthy eating habits.

Then the diet coke with the artificial sweetener aspartame came into production. It was a dream come true for me because my all time favorite drink had created a version with literally zero calories due to the usage of the aspartame artificial sweetener.

The positives of this new drink

  • Almost identical taste to the common coca cola drink.
  • Absolutely zero calorie intake was a real dream come true! Finally I could drink my favorite coca cola without any weight gaining problems.

Or could I?

Dangers of diet coke

  1. First of all the artifficiall sweetener aspartame is said to be carcinogen in extremely high amounts. For more info on a cancer preventing diet check here
  2. A new problem I noticed was if I drunk my favorite diet coke at night then I would have insomnia for many hours even if I was really tired all day.

So what caused the insomnia problems? If you carefully see the ingredients contained in diet coke you can see there is caffeine included.

How much caffeine in diet coke?

According to a 16 fl oz (330ml) diet coke drink contains 45mg of caffeine!

Doing some more research I found out from that:

“The half-life of caffeine in your body is six hours. That means that if you have a 100 mg of caffeine at 4 p.m., you still have 50mg in your body at 10 p.m.”

According to

“Processed mainly through the liver, caffeine has a relatively short half-life. This means it takes about five to seven hours, on average, to eliminate half of it from your body. After eight to ten hours, 75% of the caffeine is gone.”

So when you drink a small can of diet coke (48mg) after 5 hours there will be still about 24mg, after 10 hours 12mg, after 15 hours 6mg and even after 20 hours there would still be left 3mg of caffeine in your system!

Looks like this was the cause of my insomnia problems lately…I was drinking late at night a small can of diet coke and that caused my insomnia problems for at least 6 hours.


If you really enjoy diet coke like I do, there are some solutions to the insomnia problems:

  1. Drink it rarely and early in the day, not late at night.
  2. Don’t drink any other product that includes caffeine like coffee and tea.
  3. Try the new decaffeinate diet coke if you like the taste of it, then the insomnia problems will be history.


Diet coke is a tasty drink great for weight loss but causes some health problems. You should rarely drink it and not at night or you should better try the decaffeinate diet coke version. Now if they only found a tasty artificial sweetener to use that would be safer than aspartame all my tasty drink dreams would truly become a reality …Until then I will stick to… water.

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