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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by George Conte


How to control hunger

We all want to find the secret about how to control hunger and what types of food we can eat to suppress our appetite and make us consume fewer calories in total. However, when we are talking about foods that can reduce your appetite, we refer to foods that provide satiety. Foods that reduce the feeling of hunger. If you choose such types of foods then you will actually eat less and consume fewer calories.

I am talking about food or food groups and natural methods that have specific characteristics that suppress appetite:


All meals you consume should include protein. Studies have shown that the protein satiates more and for longer periods of time. It is not known exactly how, but one explanation is that the protein prevents the abrupt change in blood sugar levels. Further research shows that a breakfast with protein also results in greater satiety and eating fewer calories the rest of the day. Good choices are foods that contain little fat such fish like salmon, egg whites, nuts, chicken breast etc.


We know that fiber reduces hunger, and that’s because it is absorbed slowly and provides better control of blood sugar and insulin. However we need to have caution when choosing foods with fiber. If you check products like packaged cereals and breads, it is not enough to simply say “whole grain” on the label, it should also contain ingredients that are 100% whole grain, so for example the bread and cereals must be made from 100% whole wheat flour. Also you should avoid them when containing sugar. Unfortunately there are not many ready-made products that meet these requirements. Good choices are non-processed grains like oats, 100% whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes etc. It should be noted that some vegetable fibers such as those found in legumes, activate the hormone “cholecystokinin”, which cuts the appetite.


Fat also decreases hunger. It is therefore important that the meals we consume contain fat. Of course not all fat are equal. There are healthy fat like monosaturated and unhealthy like saturated found in red meat. Obviously you should avoid the second.

Also it seems that monounsaturated fat that is found in olive oil, avocado and nuts triggers a substance in the small intestine which reduces hunger.


Finally there are some methods that appear to reduce the consumption of calories during the meal like drinking water before lunch and before a meal.  Surveys have shown that people who made it ate fewer calories at lunch.

Small snacks between meals help to reduce hunger

Another smart and healthy way to reduce your appetite is to east small snacks between meals. For example if you eat three meals per day like morning, lunch and dinner, you can then add two more small snacks, one between morning and lunch and another between lunch and dinner.

For many people the healthy snacking intermediates may help control appetite. As I have said it is good to eat some protein, fiber and fat in every meal, even at snacks as it helps to reduce appetite and to maintain the balance of blood sugar.

Moreover, when we talk about snacks, we are not talking about normal meals, the calories you consume with these mini meals should be between 100-200 calories (for a 2000 calorie diet), just enough to cut your appetite. The options you have for snack mini meals are endless and I will give you some ideas. The general idea is to combine small amounts of protein, fiber and fat if possible. Also keep in mind that snacks that should be avoided are processed foods, such as cookies and crackers, and snacks that are mostly just carbs.

Some snack ideas:

  • A handful of nuts
  • Cheese or yogurt with Fruit
  • Whole grains (without sugar) with a few nuts and raisins
  • Small sandwich with whole wheat bread and some cheese and tomato
  • One boiled egg with a slice of whole wheat bread
  • A slice of tomato with some olive oil and one small piece of cheese
  • Oats with milk


As you can see, you can change today some of the diet choices you have into new, smart and healthy ones. With three healthy meals and two snacks that contain protein, fiber and fat, you can easily never feel hungry again even, if you are on a low calorie diet! Health and weight loss can be easy and quick if know what you are doing!

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