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Published on March 3rd, 2013 | by George Conte


How to make fat literally disappear from your life with 4 quick steps

This principle may sound simplistic, but it is so powerful that could really change your life! If there is a problem there must be a cause too. So the solution of your problem is to literally “make the cause disappear” or “make the fat disappear”.

One of the most important causes of obesity

If your problem is obesity then have you ever took the time to think what the cause is? In most cases it is overconsumption of unhealthy foods with concentrated amounts of calories in the form of unhealthy saturated fat or unhealthy carbohydrates with high glycemic index.

Well if the cause of your problem is over-eating then someone would thing that stopping to eat so much would b the logical solution right? Wrong! Logic can’t help you when emotions take control. Logic can’t help you, when after a long hard day you come back to your home and you see that extremely tasty piece of chocolate lying around over the kitchen table. Logic can’t help you when you feel depressed because of personal problems, relationship issues or problems in your work and you find comfort from food. In fact, while I write this article, right now, I am drooling over the thought of that yummy chocolate even without having any problems right now!

Some people think they have strong willpower. My answer to them is that humans are hardwired to find the taste of foods that have concentrated calories (especially fat) very appealing. This is the reason why broccoli (34 calories per 100 grams) seems tasteless and chocolate (500 calories per 100 grams) has a perfect taste. The reason for that is survival. Before thousands of years when humans developed genetically and didn’t have access to unlimited food the difference of 34 calories to 500 calories was the difference of life and death from starvation.  If you think you can fight emotions with willpower then try fighting your own genes!

The difference between health and obesity

So what is the difference between me (that haven’t eaten unhealthy, fatty food for ages) and someone else that just goes to the kitchen and grabs a 1000 calorie piece of junk food and shoves it into his mouth for a 30 second pleasure moment (like my old self). Is it the knowledge of what unhealthy foods can do to my body and soul that keeps me away? Is it the experience of pain from obesity and health problems I had before many years?

No! The main reason that I don’t go right now in my kitchen to get a piece of chocolate biscuit or a piece of pizza (or whatever is your favorite junk food) is because I have eliminated all junk food from my home. It is as simple as this. If you want to use logic and willpower to control your emotions and genes this is the smart way and the only way to do it. You have to take the effort to build the good habit of making all junk food disappear from your life.

This is very easy to do with four quick steps:

  1. The best way to do this right now is to just go to your kitchen and gather all unhealthy food and throw it away or give it to other people (your enemies :) ).
  2. When you are at work only eat healthy food that you created yourself (like a sandwich made of oats bread, low fat cheese or chicken breast and vegetables).
  3. When you go out shopping at a supermarket only buy healthy food products that you have written down in a list. Don’t ever buy anything else. It would take me a week just to explain all the psychological manipulation the corporations use to keep you as long as they can in their supermarkets in order to buy as much junk food as you can.
  4. Finally when you go out to eat in a restaurant or at any social occasion just have a list in your mind of some healthy low calorie meals you enjoy and order them without any extras (one of my favorites is chicken with rice and salad).

 Some final thoughts

The most important change you can do right now is eliminating unhealthy, high calorie junk foods from your home. It only takes 10 minutes and it will change your life if you have obesity and health related problems. In order to put things in perspective I will just give you a final quick example.

Think that by “eliminating” a single piece of chocolate bar per day you save yourself from 500 calories (from unhealthy carbs and fat). If you do this for a month then you will eliminate 30days X 500calories = 15000 calories or 4.5 pounds of fat (2kg). If you do this for a year you will lose 54 pounds (24kg) just because you spend 10 minutes to throw away junk food!

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