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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by George Conte


Is there a best diet?

According to, January 2013, these are the “best diets overall”. The rankings we can see below mean that the best diet (DASH diet)is number one and the worst diet is supposed to be number 29 the “paleo diet”:

best diet

This list looks very interesting to me because I have personally tested some of these diets (an experience that took years to gain). According to this list the “paleo diet” is the worst… a laughable result since I consider it to be a very healthy if not the healthiest diet of all… Also they consider the “zone diet” (a healthy and balanced diet) to be one of the worse diets…again I shake my head since I have pretty much transformed my entire life based on implementing the knowledge from those two diets.

Paleo diet is the worst diet? Really?

My opinion for the paleo diet is that big food production corporations hate it (thus boycott it) because it’s against their interests. They make their profits from low cost sugar and wheat based products they can wrap easily and keep for long time in supermarkets without deteriorating then sell ten times more than the production cost. Paleo diet is actually a diet for the rich…If everyone tried to follow it the entire planet’s economy would collapse in less than 6 months by overconsumption and depletion of natural recourses like water, energy and land. Imagine over six billion people to start eating high amounts of  meat, vegetables and fruits everyday instead of easy to mass produce, wrap and sustain for long periods with low cost cereal and sugar based products with high calorie amounts for low cost…

Mediterranean diet is the holy grail of longevity?

In the other hand the Mediterranean diet is supposed to be one of the best diets of all time because it promotes longevity. This is based at some old research done in Mediterranean countries and is completely skewed. They believe that the reason people live longer with the Mediterranean diet is the diet itself but since I live in the Mediterranean, let me tell you the facts. First of all, when the research was conducted before many years, people were exercising all day (walking long distances, carrying heavy loads every day for hours due to lack of transportation). There was no pollution the last five thousand years because there was no industrial development. Most important of all, people where happy, not stressed with problems, because of their culture that promoted reciprocity, support and helping your neighbor, equality and a natural lifestyle. This was the reason they lived longer…I bet even with a “MacDonald’s diet” people of that era would still live longer in such optimal conditions. By the way now that people here have adopted a modern western lifestyle (except their diet is still almost the same) they do die younger and there is a huge problem with obesity. What do you think? A healthy diet plan will save you if you live in a stressful environment full of pollution? Guess again.

What is the best diet then?

In my opinion the best diet is a custom made diet different for each person’s needs. There is no golden diet, each person is different. A pregnant woman has different nutritional needs than a 15 year old boy that spends ten hour per week playing basketball.

If you insist and want a general golden plan that could be almost the best for almost everyone, then here is my opinion:

The golden diet is a diet that will support a person’s nutritional needs in order to be able to exercise. The perfect diet is a “bodybuilding diet”. A diet that will help you lose fat, build muscle with anaerobic exercise and a stronger heart with aerobic exercise, all three at the same time.

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