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Published on January 23rd, 2013 | by George Conte


Nutritional value of eggs

Many people ask me if eggs are healthy or should be completely avoided due to high cholesterol value. My answer is that eggs contain a total of 250mg cholesterol per 1 egg which is about 90% of a daily recommended value. So as long as you don’t eat other high cholesterol foods like red meat and you don’t need to decrease your overall cholesterol levels, you can eat about 1 big egg per day without any problems for the rest of your life.

How many calories are there in an egg?

Some people are also afraid that if they add eggs in their diet they will gain weight because eggs have a lot of fat. This is far from truth since one big egg (65grams/2 oz) contains about 90 calories total (about 55 from fat and 35 from protein). In order to bring thinks in perspective one chocolate of 100 grams/3 oz usually contains about 500 calories! Now you know that you can trade 6 healthy and tasty (if cooked correctly) eggs for one bar of chocolate!

What about egg whites?

There are even better news about eggs! Egg white (if you separate it from egg yolk) contains only protein, about 4-6 grams of it per egg. That means that you can eat as many egg whites as you want! There is no cholesterol, no fats, not even carbohydrates. It is the perfect choice for a healthy “egg white omelet”.

Egg protein – is it good for me?

Egg protein (mainly ovalbumin) is considered the king of proteins in nature along with milk protein! It is famous for its high biological value while having no side effects like red meat. Actually it is so healthy that companies sell it as healthy a supplement!

How much protein is in an egg?

Each egg contains about 6-8 grams of protein. Subtract about 2-3 grams if you decide to only use the egg white. Truly one of the cheapest and healthiest types of food there is around that we can use as a protein source. This is why athletes always have eggs in their diets.

Check this video for a cool, quick and healthy egg white omelet:

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