Diet Second Phase of South Beach Diet - Constant Weight Loss

Published on April 29th, 2013 | by George Conte


Second Phase of South Beach Diet – Constant Weight Loss

This is an article series about the South Beach Diet. You can find all the articles below:

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2. Second Phase of South Beach Diet – Constant Weight Loss

3. Third Phase of South Beach Diet – Lifetime Maintenance

This is the phase where we have long term weight loss. It is suggested that it is the best point to start for those who:

  • want to lose some weight
  • do not feel an increased desire for sugar
  • do not have excess belly fat
  • just want to improve their health.

At this stage you can consume the same foods with the first phase and you can now add “good” carbohydrates (i.e. carbohydrates with low glycemic index). These carbs can be whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fruits and even more vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash, and peas. Also you can add even more snacks and desserts like dark chocolate (you can check the tables below for more info).

Weight loss is a little slower in the second phase, and therefore some remain in the first stage for more than two weeks. If you follow this diet you should be aware that in the first phase your food options are relatively limited thus that phase is not suitable as a long-term diet plan. The risk to get bored and feel the temptation to return to old habits is obvious.

If you follow this diet plan, you will then remain in the second phase until you reach the weight you have as an objective and then pass in the third phase. But there may be cases in the course of this program during which some people may break the rules.  For example some people may eat many sweets at parties or face severe stress situations and this could lead them to retake a few pounds. If this occurs then the solution is to return to the first phase until you lose those extra pounds that you gained.

Foods to add in the second phase of the South Beach diet

Starches (consumption should be rare) Fruits
wild rice kiwi
Other breakfast cereals with high fiber  pears
paddy  dried apricots
Whole wheat bread  fresh apricots
 Arab whole wheat pie  grapefruit
sweet potato  plums
Breakfast Cereals All Bran  cherries
Cereal Breakfast Bran Flakes  mango
Pasta apples
Bread with oats and bran Blueberries
Bran muffin with no sugar melon
Small bagels, whole grain  oranges
multigrain bread  peas
popcorn  peaches


Dairy products   Vegetables and legumes    Miscellaneous
Milk 0% or 1% fat barley Red wine
Light soy milk black-eyed peas Semi-sweet chocolate (not often)
light Yogurt fruit-flavored  Pinto beans
Yogurt with few or zero fat


Foods that should be avoided or eaten rarely during the second phase of the South Beach Diet

Starches and breads Fruits
 husked rice  pineapple
 Pasta with white flour  watermelon
 cornflakes  Canned fruit in juice
 white bread  bananas
 processed wheat bagels  raisins
 pretzels  fruit juice
Baked white potatoes
processed white bread


Vegetables Miscellaneous
corn   Honey / Jam
 carrots   ice cream



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