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Published on March 2nd, 2013 | by George Conte


The most important and useful articles from February 2013

This post is a synopsis and a guide of all the important topics that I covered over the month of February 2013. Also I will take a quick peek on the matters that I am going to write about on the upcoming month of March.

You can find all the February 2013 articles here. Here are the most important and useful articles I wrote in February:

“How to” articles

Some of the most useful “how to” articles I wrote were the best lifestyle and nutritional habits you could can adopt to boost your immune system in a natural way, how to get rid of cellulite (the only method that ready works) and how to avoid skin problems with an appropriate nutritional plan. Also the best methods used in order to measure your body fat percentage and how to use the famous body mass index (BMI). Finally how to use the pareto principle, or the law of “vital few and trivial many”, in order to lose weight.


On the diet category you can read about the most important benefits and common sources of vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene (a natural phytochemical found mainly in tomatoes). Also you can read about the Orexin hormone.

I have created an article about a cancer prevention diet and a series of articles about the famous Atkins diet.

You can find the first article about the Atkins diet here. In that article I explain how the Atkins diet works and how to prepare yourself before starting it. The Atkins diet works within several phases and in my second article here I am writing about the first Atkins diet phase, the phase of introduction. Also I am writing about what foods are allowed and what foods are avoided in the first phase.

I have created an article about the myth of “The need for a cheat meal in modern diets” where I write about the three basic types of cheat meals people love to do and my opinion about why that need exists in the first place.

Finally I have created an example of a balanced and healthy 2000 calorie diet plan that you can follow right now just by adapting the total calorie intake according to your goal. This diet plan contains specific analysis over the macronutrients and micronutrients and the recommended daily allowances of each meal and as a total plan.


Some of the foods that I was interested to analyze their nutritional value were the white, sweet and Carisma potatoes and the “superfoods” Quinoa and olive oil


The articles you can read about are the physical, psychological and social benefits of aerobic exercise and how many calories (specific numbers) you can burn with various fat burning exercises. Also you can read about the importance of One Rep Max in bodybuilding.

Articles to come in March 2013

My goal is to finish the Atkins diet article series and create at least two more series about the Montignac and the South beach diet. Also write more helpful “how to” articles and articles about diet and exercise.

I would also love to hear your suggestions (you can use the contact me form or post a comment here) about a favorite topic you have and would like me to write about!

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