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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by George Conte


The myth of slow metabolism

Many people with obesity problems believe that they are victims of the “slow metabolism” curse. I believe this is an excuse they use in order to lie to themselves to protect them from the effort and the action they need to take to improve their lives.

Origins of the “slow metabolism myth”

The origins of this myth are medical conditions like hypothyroidism. Many people believe they have slow metabolism due to “hypothyroidism” problems (a medical condition related with weight gain). There is no logic in such a statement. First of all, only 3% of people have hypothyroidism but the rate of obesity in developed countries is around 30% or ten times more. That means that 90% of people are lying to themselves since they could just do a test in a hospital and see that they are completely healthy. The rest 10% that actually have this condition are also lying to themselves since after they take medication for hypothyroidism there is no correlation between their condition and weight gain.

Other people just think they are just “unlucky” for not being born with an athletic lean body. These people should observe how much effort one really needs in order to build and sustain an athletic body.

The real reason of obesity

I think the real reason for obesity is ignorance. If you cure the ignorance of why we gain fat and how to lose it, obesity will follow.

For example watch this short segment of a BBC documentary:

In this segment we can clearly see a person that has no clue about what is happening to her body. Instead of trying to research why this is happening to her and how to change it, she just uses the slow metabolism excuse and continues with her life. Most people do the same, until health issues like cardiovascular problems add up, and by then it could be already too late to take action. This is why cardiovascular diseases are number one cause of death worldwide (29% of deaths are related to such disease).

This person believes that has a slow metabolism, the after they run some tests on her and prove that she is a healthy person with a normal metabolism she seems disappointed instead of celebrating that she is healthy. It’s almost like she would prefer to take medication for the rest of her life. Of course this happens because she now lost her precious excuse and has to take action in order to improve her life.

After that realization, she agrees with the researchers to keep a food diary in order to see how many calories she actually consumes. The recommender calorie intake for a woman in her age and height is 2000 calories. She records the first four days on video what she eats and the second five days she keeps a log on paper with details about what she eats after each meal. At the same time she agrees to drink “doubly labeled water” a type of water that contains isotope markers that can give a way to the researchers by analyzing her urine to calculate how many calories she actually consumes and burns.

The results of this research show how dangerous ignorance can be. With her normal metabolism she should eat 2000 calories per day for the rest of her life. Based on her video diary she only reported that consumed 1100 calories per day! In addition, based on her written diary she underreported 43% of what she really had eaten! By analyzing her urine, researchers concluded that in reality she consumed 3000 calories per day or two to three times more than she thought she did!

If someone doesn’t even know that she consumes 1000+ calories more than her normal metabolism burns per day then the result will be:

1000 calories X 365days = 365.000/3500(calories per pound) = 104 pounds per year (46kg)

Anyone with this simple knowledge immediately understands how important it is to look after your body, your diet and your health because it’s so easy to add 104 pounds of fat just by remaining in plain ignorance because of excuses like I have a “slow metabolism”.

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