Diet Third Phase of South Beach Diet - Lifetime Maintenance

Published on May 17th, 2013 | by George Conte


Third Phase of South Beach Diet – Lifetime Maintenance

This is an article series about the South Beach Diet. You can find all the articles below:

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3. Third Phase of South Beach Diet – Lifetime Maintenance

The third phase begins once you reach a healthy weight level. At this stage you still follow the principles of the first and second phase, but because this stage will continue for life, it includes almost every kind of food and allows some further treats occasionally. The third phase is the less strict stage of the diet. This phase looks more like a healthy lifestyle rather than a weight loss program. Essentially, this step is the key to maintaining a healthy weight level long-term.

There will be cases where people overdo it a bit, even after implement this diet for years. In such cases you should return to the first phase for one or two weeks. This way you will return to your starting point, and then you can get back into the third phase. You don’t need to consider this as slip, because according to Dr Agatston this diet was designed in a way to allow normal people to eat what they want to eat. If this means for them some extra sweets then there is no problem.

The diet now includes foods such as wholegrain bread, tortillas and paddy rice. At this point you know what kind of carbohydrates you can eat without gaining weight, so you can include them in your diet. Also, at this stage you can skip breakfast and afternoon snack as you no longer need to control hunger among meals. Also in this phase you can includes sweets like the following: chocolate sponge cake, steamed pear stuffed with chocolate and apricots dipped in chocolate.

Difficulties when implementing the South beach diet

According to the creator of the diet, most of those who follow this diet say it is surprisingly easy to start, as South Beach diet does not require to give up all the foods they like. Also initially it is easier because it reasonable for the person to be more enthusiastic when starting a diet. Especially when starting the weight loss process, the person sees everything positively. Thus, Dr Agatston says that perhaps the possibility of failure is to some extent due to the success of the program. In the first two weeks you can lose from four to six pounds and from this point after the person moves on to the less strict second phase. In the second phase, weight loss is continuing but not with the same speed as in the first phase. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, it may take up to one year or even more. This frustrates some people leading them to think that the first phase was not too restrictive and so they decide to return back there to lose the weight they want. That is why they fail, since the first phase is not suitable for long-term dieting, as it is limited to a small range of foods. Because of the above issues many do not succeed and completely abandon the effort.

A second reason that explains why some fail is related more to the fact that life thwarts their plans. For example, those who travel a lot, especially for business risk failing the implementation of the diet as travel disturbs the routine, particularly in the field of food.

Long-term sustainability of the South Beach diet

According to its author, this diet is an innovation with lifetime effectiveness and easy application. It becomes a way of life, because:

  • It is not a calorie restricted diet and therefore with the correct eating options you can eat what you want. So it doesn’t cause the feeling of hunger.
  • It doesn’t exclude any food groups, but selects the best ones, thus does not deprive the body of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It is a low-carb diet, which does not exclude completely, since they are the only energy source for the brain and an immediate source of energy for muscles. Instead, selects the unprocessed carbohydrates and those with the lowest glycemic index, so that they won’t end up stored in the body as fat, particularly during periods with lack of exercise.
  • It is healthy because it is based on intake of polyunsaturated fats rather than uncontrolled consumption of all fatty acids.


Conclusions about the South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is a low carbohydrate intake diet that includes 3 phases. During the first phase, all carbohydrates are strictly prohibited. In the second phase we are introduced to the concept of glycemic index and Low glycemic index carbohydrates such as apples, whole wheat bread, low-fat milk, that are gradually reintroduced into the diet. The high glycemic index carbohydrates are prohibited. Finally, the third phase is the maintenance phase that you can follow for the rest of your life.


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