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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by George Conte


Vitamin E

Vitamin E, also called tocopherol is in reality not only one substance but a group of eight compounds. Vitamin E has like all vitamins, very important functions in the body.

Vitamin E benefits

First it has antioxidant activity. This means that protects the fats from the oxidation, protects cells from toxic substances and protects vitamin A and vitamin C, and other beneficial substances to the body.

Because of its antioxidant action, tocopherol is thought to be playing a role in the prevention and possible treatment of certain diseases such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. It can also be related to delay aging.

Other properties of Vitamin E are the protection of red blood cells. It also contributes to cellular respiration and finally contributes to creation of certain compounds of the body for example the DNA.

Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in many foods and in sufficient quantities. In the table below we see the foods that are rich in vitamin E.

Good sources of vitamin E (tocopherol) are:

  • Olive oil and other vegetable oils
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Calf
  • Sunflower seeds and other nut
  • Cereals

Vitamin E deficiency symptoms

  • Problems in erythrocyte (red blood cells)
  • Anemia
  • Problems in various organs like the digestive system, liver (liver) and other
  • Damage to the nervous, circulatory and reproductive system

Fortunately we rarely observe vitamin E deficiency in humans because Vitamin E is found in many foods in sufficient quantities. It is also stored in the body in large quantities and it remains in the body for a long time.

Vitamin E deficiency can only occur in certain cases. It can happen to people who have a problem with fat absorption like people with pancreatitis. I can also happen to people in a state of starvation and in premature born babies.

Vitamin E overdose

Vitamin E is the least toxic of all the vitamins. The overconsumption does not cause such severe symptoms as other vitamins or death. However it is possible, in case of overconsumption, e.g. excessive supplementation to reduce the body’s ability to absorb other vitamins.

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