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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by George Conte


Why it is easy to gain fat and hard to lose it? The junk food example.

I used to wonder if this is some kind of curse, I mean why is it harder to lose fat than gain it? The reality is that this problem is created by our modern lifestyle, our modern nutritional options and decisions. Let me explain with the junk food cheat meal example.

I love to drink beer, get me another bottle!

What happens when you just drink two bottles of “innocent” beer (1000ml total or 32 fl oz):

413 Calories from beer (mainly alcohol).

I love to eat pizza, get me another slice!

Add a medium pizza for one person (13’’/800gr.)

Another 2238 calories from a pizza (junk food is really…junk).

I think you can see where I am going with this example. Let’s add up this ordinary junk food meal:

Well now you understand why it is so easy to gain weight. If a simple meal of two bottles of beer and a medium pizza contains the huge amount of 3000 calories it is inevitable in the long run.

I love to do math, give me some pizza math!

If you starve all day and just eat only one meal like this, for one year or 52 weeks and you are the average person with around 2000 calorie needs per day then you will add fat equal to 1000 calories per day. Around 7000 calories per week or 365.000 calories per year. Each pound of fat equals 3500 calories (1kg=7700 calories). 365.000/3500=104 pounds (or about 47 kg)

So next time you decide to starve all day to just eat a pizza and drink some beer remember that after a year  you will end up gaining 104 pounds of fat along with destroying your health since you eat junk food full of saturated fat, cholesterol and no vitamins and minerals.

Healthy “junk food” is the way to go

There is a solution and it is the healthy junk food. If you know how to recreate junk food with healthier and tasty ingredients that contain less fat and calories then you can still eat your favorite food and be healthy and slim! For example you can use oats instead of wheat flour when creating your pizza. Also you can exercise more, you can then burn more calories and eat more of your favorite food and be healthy at the same time.

In a next series of articles I will give examples of how to take your favorite junk-fast food and completely transform it into a healthy, home made with less calories tasty food!

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